A mixed bag of stories ranging from horror, fantasy, and sci-fi.


Black, Brown, Tan

Man’s Friend

Warm Socks, Cold Toes

Seventy-Five Cent Legacy

Nights with the Beast

A Bitter Young Man

Spearing the Spectator

Perpetual Mourning, Night

Family Outing

A Situation at the Burger Shop

The Watcher

Constant Appetite

Grandma’s House

The Flesh of Fatigue

The Unfortunate Climate of Clam Beach

Smooth Jazz

Steady Goes the Day


Friday Night

Gentle thoughts of a Dying Man

Quickie Before Bed

At Dusk

Noble Warrior


The bottom of the barrel. Fiction from an older, much darker blog (2012-2015):

Sucker Punched

A Newborn Swallows

Concrete Bedding

Undead Battlefield

An Empty Glass

Among the Stars

Sugar Boy Santi

Evil Dame


Bus Stop Boy

Life on Another Planet


Tommy and the Trees of Madness


Escape to Candyland

A Note from Cynthia

An Offer Impossible to Refuse

The Worst Headache Ever